Canberra Times Chess Column for July 23

It has been the week of the computer, with New Zealand program LambChop
outclassing its Australian rivals in the National Computer Championship at
the ANU Chess Festival and Deep Junior holding its own against the world
elite in Dortmund.
Deep Junior's result was perhaps the best ever by a computer. While the
1997 match between Deeper Blue and Garry Kasparov captured many headlines,
the world number one played well below his best, for reasons that are still
In Dortmund, Deep Junior received one free point from a protest resignation
by anti-computer GM Robert Hubner but otherwise had a series of hard games
against the world's best and broke even.
The computer was unlucky not to defeat FIDE World Champion Alexander
Khalifman but cost Peter Leko a tie for first place by handing the young
Hungarian his only loss, in the final
The Israeli programmers of Deep Junior were thrilled with their charge's
Dortmund result, believing that the computer would be able to handle all
but blocked positions at a world class level within five years.
The Dortmund tournament finished with world number two Vladimir Kramnik
winning on tiebreak. The Russian defeated Viswanathan Anand in the sixth
round but the following tense last round game enabled the Indian to catch
Kramnik and tie for first.

Dortmund 2000
White: R.Hubner
Black: V.Anand
Opening: Catalan

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.g3 c6 5.Qc2 Nbd7 6.Bg2 Be7 7.0-0 0-0 8.b3
b69.Rd1 Ba6 10.Nbd2 c5 11.e4 dxc4 (Diagram) 12.bxc4?!

12.Nxc4 was more sober.

12...cxd4 13.e5 Ng4 14.Qe4

14.Nxd4? Ndxe5 15.Bxa8 Qxd4! plays into Black's hands.

14...h5! 15.h3 Nc5 16.Qxd4 Nh6

The tricky 16...Nxe5?! 17.Qxe5 Bf6 18.Qe1! Bxa1 19.Nb3 rebounds on Black.

17.Ba3 Qc7 18.Bxc5 bxc5 19.Qc3 Rad8 20.Ne4 Nf5 21.g4 hxg4 22.hxg4 Nh6
23.Nh2 Rxd1+ 24.Rxd1 Rd8 25.Rxd8+ Qxd8 26.Bf3 Bb7 27.Kg2?!

27.Nd2 should hold according to Anand.

27...Bxe4 28.Bxe4 Bg5 29.Kg3 Bd2 30.Qb2 g5 31.f3?

A time trouble error. The last chance lay in 31.Nf3 Bf4+ 32.Kh3 although
Black keeps an edge with 32...Kg7 33.Qb1 Qh8.

31...Bf4+ 32.Kg2 Qc7 33.Nf1 Bxe5 34.Qe2 Bf4 35.Bb1 Kf8 36.Qb2 Ng8 37.Qh8
Be5 38.Qh5 Qd8 39.Bh7 Bf4 0-1

Dortmund 2000
Leading final scores:
1eq. Kramnik(Rus), Anand(Ind) 6/9;
3eq. Leko(Hun), Adams(Eng), Akopian(Arm) 5;
6.Deep Junior(Isr) 4.5.

Ian Wright coasted to victory in the Belconnen Premier with an undefeated
six points from seven games.
Leading final scores:
1.I.Wright 6/7;
2.P.Cormick 5.
Belconnen First Division
1eq. A.Fitzpatrick, Gier 4/5.

** The 2000 ACT Open will begin at the Southside Chess Centre, Kambah, on
August 1st at 7.30pm. Details G.Butler 0404-856801.

**The ANU Chess Festival concludes at Fenner Hall today - spectators
welcome. Full results of the Festival in next week's column.