Sun-Herald, July 8

For the second consecutive time, the latest ranking list issued by the World Chess Federation, FIDE, has been shown to be flawed within hours of publication.
In April, the FIDE list was issued without the inclusion of the Linares super-tournament and a revised Top 100 had to be published.
On July 1, FIDE issued a new list, omitting, amongst other events, the powerful Merida tournament which featured the last two FIDE World Champions, Alexander Khalifman and Viswanathan Anand.
The current top 10 sees Gary Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, and the underrated Anand well clear at the top.
In a period when most of the top players played more exhibition and rapid events than serious tournaments, Alexander Morozevich has moved up to fourth place atthe expense of Michael Adams while Alexey Shirov is the big loser, dropping to tenth place.
Both Shirov and Adams were affected by modest results in the German Bundesliga competition.
Adams was also affected by FIDE's failure to includeall the results from Englands' premier team competition, the 4NCL, a failure which also hurt Australia's Alex Wohl.
July 2001 FIDE World Rankings
Top 10
1.Kasparov(Rus) 2836;
2.Kramnik((Rus) 2802;
3.Anand(Ind) 2794;
4.Morozevich(Rus) 2749;
5.Adams(Eng) 2744;
6.Ivanchuk(Ukr) 2731;
7.Leko(Hun) 2730;
8.Bareev(Rus) 2718;
9.Topalov(Bul) 2711;
10.Shirov(Spa) 2706.

July Australian Rankings
Top 10
(Average of latest Australian and FIDE ratings)
1.Rogers(N) 2569;
2.Johansen(V) 2513;
3.Wohl(N) 2434;
4.Solomon(Q) 2386;
5.Gluzman(V) 2385;
6.Wallace(N) 2384;
7.Sandler(V) 2383;
8.Rujevic(V) 2346;
9.Chapman(S) 2341;
10.Zhao(N) 2338.

Sun-Herald Winter Chess Competition
Puzzle #4

White, to move, can force a win against the odds from the diagrammed position (composed by Mitrofanov and Lurye). How?
The first four correct entries opened after July 18, the closing date, will win a copy of the original new book by Przewoznik and Soszynski, "How to Think in Chess".
The 3 grand winners, chosen from those solving all four puzzles correctly, will win a souvenir medal from the 1972 Fischer-Spassky match.
Entries to: Sun-Herald Winter Chess Competition, Puzzle #4, GPO Box 506, Sydney 2001 or faxed to 02-92822151.
Solution to puzzle #2, composed by Slepian: 1.Rb8+! Qxb8 2.Bh3+ Kc7 3.Pe8(N) checkmate. Many readers fell for 1.Bh3+ Qxh3 2.Rb8+ which fails to 2...Kxb8 3.exd8(Q) Qc8!.
Prizewinners: Jiang Wu, Ashfield: R.Karan, Fairfield; G.Balkin, Penrith; K.Lubarsky, Kogarah.
oooooooK ooookooo oroooooP oooooooo oooooooo Pooooooo oPoooopo oooooooo (Piece count: White 3 pieces, Black 4 pieces; o designates an empty square White square (bold) in top left corner.