Sun-Herald Chess Column for July 16

"They tell everyone else before they tell the person concerned," an upset
Alexander Khalifman complained upon being told by a journalist in Germany
that the World Chess Federation (FIDE) was promoting him as one of stars of
the proposed chess exhibition at the Sydney Olympics.
Khalifman, the FIDE World Champion, was speaking from Dortmund where he is
struggling to reach 50% in an elite competition. The Russian star did not
rule out coming to Sydney but Khalifman said it was the first he had heard
of any Sydney exhibition for him - a 1999 plan for him to come to Australia
in June 2000 had fallen through.
With both SOCOG and the Australian Chess Federation telling FIDE that they
will not be funding the proposed exhibition during the second week of the
Sydney Olympics, it is likely that the use of Khalifman's name has been a
piece of kite-flying by the world chess body. FIDE had promised SOCOG four
world class players at no cost to the Sydney Olympics but with the world
body so far unable to find a sponsor for the exhibition - even though it
will be sending many FIDE officials to the Olympics - it is of no
consequence which GMs they talk about.
FIDE have further problems on their hands with the new World Cup tournament
in China, scheduled for just before the Sydney Olympics. FIDE announced the
lucrative new event with great fanfare last month, only to discover that
top players, who plan their calendar a year ahead of time, were distinctly
underwhelmed. England's world number 5 Michael Adams is the latest star to
decide to skip the World Cup, leaving Viswanathan Anand a clear favourite
in a less-than-stellar field.

July Chess Competition - Final Week

On the fifth move of a standard game, Black promotes his pawn to a knight,
giving checkmate! What are the moves of the game?
The first five correct entries opened after July 19, will receive a copy of
the Mikhail Tal classic 'Tal-Botvinnik, 1960', recently republished in the
US by Hanon Enterprises. Entries to: Sun-Herald July Chess Competition, GPO
Box 506, Sydney 2001 or fax 02-92822151.
Sparkassen Chess Meeting
Dortmund, Germany
Scores after 7 rounds:
1eq. Anand(Ind), Kramnik(Rus), Leko(Hun) 4.5;
4.Adams(Eng) 4;
5eq.Bareev(Rus), Akopian(Arm), Deep Junior(Isl) 3.5;
8.Khalifman(Rus) 3;
9eq.Piket(Ned), Hubner(Ger) 2.

August 2000 Australian Ratings
Top 10
1. Rogers(N) 2587;
2.Johansen(V) 2527;
3.Jamieson(V) 2478;
4eq.Wohl(N), Gluzman(V) 2470;
6.V.Feldman(N) 2420;
7.Wallace(N) 2404;
8.West(V) 2401;
9.Prods(V) 2398
10.Teichmann(V) 2390.