Sun-Herald Chess Column for August 20

The Australian team for the upcoming Istanbul Olympiad has a retro look
after the selectors this week picked a final squad containing only three
players under the age of 30.
Favouring experience and rating over current form, the selectors omitted
Coffs Harbour 14-year-old Zhao Zong Yuan and settled on a team which bears
a striking similarity to that chosen for the 1994 Moscow Olympiad. (The
only change is that in-form Alex Wohl replaces 1994's shooting star Trevor
The only player selected for the 2000 team new to Olympiad play is
Canberra's Laura Moylan, 17. Moylan was due to compete in the 1998 Olympiad
in Elista but was one of many Australians to withdraw in the months prior
to that controversial Olympiad.

Australian Olympiad Teams
1.Rogers(N), 2.Johansen(V), 3.Wohl(N), 4.Gluzman(V), 5.West(V),
6.Wallace(N). Captain: A.Allen(Q)
1.Berezina-Feldman(N), 2.Phan-Koshnitsky(SA), 3.Dekic(N), 4.Moylan(ACT).
Captain: J Lyons(N)

John-Paul Wallace probably wrapped up the last place in the team with the
following game from last weekend's tournament in Rockdale - a crushing win
against one of the selectors, the day before the final vote.

Rockdale 2000
White: J-P. Wallace
Black: T.Reilly
Opening: Pirc Defence
1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6 4.Bg5 Bg7 5.Qd2 c6 6.0-0-0

A gutsy decision, committing the White king to the queenside very early.

6... b5 7.Bd3 Qa5 8.Kb1 b4 9.Nce2 Nbd7 10.Nf3 Rb8?! 11.Bh6 0-0 12.Bxg7 Kxg7
13.h4! h5 14.Ng3 Rh8!? 15.Bc4 Nb6 16.Bb3 c5?

Possibly already the losing move. 16...Ba6  was necessary.

17.Qg5! e6 18.dxc5! Qxc5?!

18...dxc5 is better, but 19.Rd6!, threatening 20.Nf5+!, looks good.

(Diagram) 19.e5! Ng4

If 19...dxe5 20.Qxf6+! Kxf6 21.Ne4+ wins.

20.Ne4 Qc6 21.Nxd6 a5 22.Nh2! f6 23.exf6+ Nxf6 24.Nf3! 1-0

There is no good counter to 25.Ne5.

August Chess Competition
August's puzzle, created by the legendary Russian composer Troitzky in
1924, baffled many solvers but attracted entries from as far afield as

Solution: 1.Nd6!! e1(Q) 2.Nb7+ Ka4 3.Nc5+ Ka5 4.Bh6!! and Black cannot
reasonably prevent 5.Bd2+ Qxd2 6.Nb3+.

Prizewinners: A.Soric, Lakemba; B.Cavalier, Katoomba; A.Rubinsztein,
Vaucluse; C.O'Riordan, Hamilton.

All four win a copy of Hans Ree's *The Human Comedy of Chess*. Like last
month's prize, *Tal-Botvinnik 1960*, *THCoC* is a recent publication by
Russell Enterprises. These books are available from both major book
retailers in Sydney, Chess Discount Sales and Australian Chess Enterprises
and are also accessible through the web site.