Sunday Mail Chess Column - Feb 20, 2000

Ian Murray

Problem No. 1848

(Koltanowski - Flohr, Antwerp 1932)

White to play and win

Problem No 1847: 1.Qg2 Rxd6 2.Qh3+ Kg8 3.Qh7+ Kf7 4.Bg6+ 1-0

George "Kolty" Koltanowski, the dean of US chess, died on 5 February at the age of 96. The legendary grandmaster's chess column appeared every day in The San Francisco Chronicle for 52 years without a break, a staggering 19,000 appearances - the longest running chess column in the history of the game. A strong international player in his youth, he retired from the world arena after representing USA at the Helsinki Olympiad in 1952. Born in Belgium, he was caught in Guatemala at the outbreak of WW2 and moved to USA towards the end of the war. His specialty was blindfold chess, establishing a record of 56 simultaneous games while blindfolded, winning 50 and drawing six. He is survived by his wife Leah, who he met on a blind date in New York in 1944.

Rubinstein - Koltanowski
Antwerp 1931
King's Indian Defence

1.d4 Nf6
2.c4 g6
3.g3 Bg7
4.Bg2 0-0
5.Nc3 d6
6.e4 e5
7.Nge2 c6
8.h3 h6
9.Be3 Nbd7
10.Qd2 Kh7
11.b3 Qe7
12.Rd1 Re8
13.0-0 Nf8
14.Kh2 Bd7
15.f4 exf4
16.Nxf4 Rad8
17.Rde1 Bc8
18.Qf2 g5
19.Nd3 Ng6
20.Bc1 Qc7
21.Bb2 Re7
22.c5 dxc5
23.Nxc5 Ng4+
24.hxg4 Bxd4
25.Nb5 Bxf2
26.Nxc7 Bxe1
27.Bf6 Rdd7
28.Nxd7 Rxd7
29.Ne8 Ba5
30.e5 Rd2
31.Nd6 Bxg4
32.Nxb7 Bc7
33.Kh1 Bxe5
34.Bxc6 Bh3
White resigns

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