Sydney Morning Herald, January 1, 2001

Bolens beats Australian Champion.
Peter Parr

Johny Bolens,a strong Sydney club player,caused a major upset in the third round of the Centenary of Federation Australian Open Championship in Canberra.

Bolens defeated International Grandmaster Darryl Johansen the current Australian and Victorian Champion.Johansen had been in good form in recent months with an excellent result at the Istanbul Olympiad.

IGM Ian Rogers has defeated John Sutherland (NZ) and Israel Yadao (PHI) in the last 2 rounds.

IGM Abhijit Kunte of India has also won every game so far defeating Olympic Silver Medallist Women's International Master Laura Moylan and International Master David Smerdon in the last two rounds. 23 year old Kunte won the Championship of India in Mumbai in August 2000 with a score of 13.5/18. His compatriot Viswanathan Anand from Madras won the official World Title last week.

Yugoslav Grandmaster Stefan Djuric outclassed NSW Lightning Champion Stanislav Berezovski and FM Eddy Levi. International Master Mark Heidenfeld who won a category 8 grandmaster tournament in York,England 10 days ago beat former Australian Junior Champion Paul Broekhuijse in round 3.

14 year old Zong-Yuan Zhao,an International Master from Coffs Harbour is improving with each tournament.His third win was against Henrik Mortensen (Denmark).

Leading scores after 3 rounds (125 players,11 rounds) - GM I.Rogers (NSW),GM A.Kunte (IND), GM S.Djuric (Yug),IM M.Heidenfeld (Ireland), IM Z.Zhao (NSW), J.Bolens (NSW) all 3 points. There are 15 players on 2.5 points including International Masters Waala Sarwat (EGY),Mikhail Gluzman (VIC),Gary Lane (ENG),Mohamed Ezat (EGY),Guy West (VIC) and Petr Pisk (CZE) who have all dropped half a point to lower rated opposition.

The Australian Junior Championships will be held in Canberra from January 11th - 23rd 2001. There are 4 sections - Under 18 open,under 12 open,under 18 girls and under 12 girls. Details Deborah Poulton 02 6231-8577

Meanwhile overseas Grandmasters Boris Avrukh and Alik Gershon tied for first place in the Championship of Israel in Tel-Aviv.

The 108th annual New Zealand Championship is in progress with 22 players in the 11 round event in Auckland. Chris Depasquale of Alice Springs beat IM Leonid Sandler of Melbourne in round 2 after they both won their first round games.

Vladimir Kramnik of Russia who defeated Garry Kasparov in the recent Brain Games World Title Match,is playing a 12 game rapid match against Hungarian number 1 Peter Leko starting tomorrow in Budapest.

Australian number 3 International Master Alex Wohl of Sydney has accepted his invitation to the 'Anibal' Linares,Spain tournament starting next Monday.