SMH, July 2

NSW Centenary

The first NSW Championship played in Sydney from 8 July 1901 to 12 August 1901 was won by Julius Jacobsen scoring 8.5/9 finishing 3 points clear of the field.

He was one of the 6 NSW Champions I never met.

Jacobsen was a chess tutor after winning the Australian title in 1897.

William Viner was his pupil in 1901 who later won the Australian Championship 4 times.

Phillip Viner, twice NSW Champion and current Australian Seniors Champion, is the son of William Viner.

The second NSW Champion Spencer Crankanthorp won the event 6 times and his son in law Cecil Purdy won the title 7 times.

Crankanthorp, Cecil Purdy and his son John Purdy (who is an active player in 2001) have all been Australian Champions.

50 years ago in 1951 John Purdy was Australian Junior Champion. D.McArthur was killed in action, receiving the Military Cross in 1914, soon after becoming the third chess champion of NSW.

Garry Koshnitsky (twice Australian Champion) won the event 6 times and shared the title once.

The strongest player was undoubtedly Lajos Steiner who won the NSW title on 9 occasions including 6 consecutive championships.

Steiner won 5 Australian Championship tournaments with a remarkable overall score of 53 wins, 6 draws, 5 losses.

In the following game the reigning World Champion at the time Alexander Alekhine avoids an unfavorable ending against Steiner with a drawing sacrifice.

Alekhine,A - Steiner,L [E12] Warsaw olympiad Rd (8), 1935
1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 b6 3.Nc3 Bb7 4.d4 e6 5.a3 Be7 6.Bf4 0-0 7.Qc2 Nh5 8.Bd2 f5 9.e3 d6 10.Bd3 g6 11.e4 Nd7 12.0-0-0 Ndf6 13.exf5 exf5 14.d5 Nd7 15.Bh6 Ng7 16.h4 Bf6 17.Ng5 Nc5 18.Be2 Re8 19.Bf3 a5 20.Rde1 a4 21.g4 Nb3+ 22.Kb1 Rxe1+ 23.Rxe1 Nd4 24.Qd3 Nxf3 25.Qxf3 fxg4 26.Qxg4 Nf5 27.Ne6 Nxh6 28.Qf4 Qe7 29.Qxh6 Bxc3 30.bxc3 Bc8 31.h5 Bxe6 32.Rxe6 Qh4 33.Rxg6+ hxg6 34.Qxg6+ Kh8 35.Qh6+ Kg8 36.Qg6+ Kh8 37.Qh6+ Kg8 38.Qg6+ -

Terrey Shaw was NSW Champion 4 times and Alfred Wallace 3 times.

Only 3 of the 24 title holders still alive have won the title more than twice.

Dmitri Gedevani won 3 times and Max Fuller twice and in addition each shared the title in 1988. Greg Canfell won 3 consecutive events in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

Seven NSW champions became International Masters over the last 50 years.

NSW currently has one Grandmaster and 8 International Masters (the same as all other Australian States combined) but only 3 of these 9 have won the NSW Championship (Bela Berger, Vladimir Feldman and John-Paul Wallace, the current title holder).

The youngest NSW Champion was Kuan-Kuan Tian in 1999 at the age of 13.

This year's NSW Championship will start next month and like the 1901 event which started 100 years ago next Sunday will be a 9 round tournament.

Leading final scores of the Taree weekend tournament (23 players, 7 rounds) Kerry Stead 6: Bernard O'Riordan (Newcastle) is the 2001 NSW Country Champion scoring 5.5: Ian Dickson (Lambton) 5.

Ian Rogers, the top seed, lost to Gary Lane in the last round of the Gold Coast Open. Leading Final scores (107 players,7 rounds): IM Z.Zhao (NSW),IM G.Lane (NSW),IM S.Solomon (QLD),I.Rout (ACT) all 6: GM I.Rogers (NSW),M.Sonter (QLD),V.Smith (New Zealand) 5.5. Solomon won the play off.

17 year old Irina Krush(USA) and GM Igor Novikov (Ukraine) were equal first with 6/9 in the category 10 Grandmaster tournament in New York.

FIDE World Champion Viswanathan Anand (India)and BGN World Champion Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) are playing a 10 game rapid play match in Mainz,Germany. The score is 4-4 (one win each and six draws) after 8 games.