SMH, June 4

Kasparov beats Kramnik in last round 

World Number 2 Vladimir Kramnik had not lost to World Number 1 Garry Kasparov in a regular tournament or match game for over four years. 

He needed only a draw in the final round of the Super Grandmaster Tournament in Astana, Kazakhstan to secure first place. 

Kasparov, half a point behind, had to win. 

Kramnik adopted his favorite Berlin Defence but Kasparov was very well prepared and won the following exciting game on Friday evening. 

Round 10 
G.Kasparov - V.Kramnik (C67) 

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1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 Nf6 4 0-0 Nxe4 5 d4 Nd6 6 Bxc6 dxc6 7 dxe5 Nf5 8 Qxd8+ Kxd8 9 Nc3 h6 10 h3 Bd7 11 b3 Ke8!? 

(A novelty) 

12 Bb2 Rd8 13 Rad1 Ne7 14 Rfe1

(a strong move after 40 minutes thought) 

Ng6 15 Ne4 Nf4

(black spent over 30 minutes on the last 2 moves) 

16 e6! 

(Kasparov hit on the idea of sacrificing a pawn on e6 in another variation the morning before the game) 

16...Nxe6 17 Nd4 c5 18 Nf5 Rh7 19 Bf6! Rc8 

(not gxf6 as Nxf6 is mate) 

20 Bxg7 

(Maybe Bh4 was better) 

Bxg7 21 Nxg7+ Rxg7 22 Nf6+ Ke7 23 Nxd7 Rd8 24 Ne5 Rxd1 25 Rxd1 Nf4 26 Kh1! Rg5 27 Ng4 Rd5 28 Re1+ Kf8 29 Nxh6 Rd2 

(Kg7 seems preferable) 

30 Re5 

(A very strong manoeuvre) 


(More stubborn is Kg7) 

31 Rf5 Kg7 32Ng4 Rxg2 33 Rxf4 Rxc2 34 Rf2 Rc3 35 Kg2 b5 36 h4! c4 37 h5 cxb3 38 axb3 Rc5 39 h6+ Kf8 40 Nf6 Rg5+ 41 Kh1! 1-0 

Final scores (6 players,10 rounds) 
G.Kasparov (Russia) 7 V.Kramnik (Russia) 6.5 B.Gelfand (Israel) 5.5 A.Morozevich (Russia) and A.Shirov (Spain) 4.5 D.Sadvakasov (Kazakhstan) 2 

Kasparov has won all three events in which he has competed in this year - Wijk aan Zee (above Anand and Kramnik), Linares ( 3 points clear of the field) and Astana. 

From the 33 games he scored 14 wins, 19 draws, 0 losses. 

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Ljubco Georgievski opened the European Championship in Ohrid, Macedonia on Friday evening. 

204 players including 172 International Grandmasters are competing for 46 World Championship qualifying places and Aus $470,000 prize money. 

The top two seeds are Mikhail Gurevich (Belgium) 2688 and Judith Polgar (Hungary) 2678. 

The event is over 13 rounds and the top 138 players are rated above 2500 

Grandmaster Lazaro Bruzon (Cuba) defeated Grandmaster Etienne Bacrot (France) in the final of the Young Masters at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

International Master Alex Wohl of Sydney has scored a creditable 4 out of 6 in the category 8 International Grandmaster Tournament in Santa Clara, Cuba. 

Wohl needs 4 points from his last 5 games to secure a grandmaster norm. 

John Nutter and Bernard O'Riordan were equal first in the NSW Mid North Coast Rapidplay at Taree RSL club. 

The title went to 14 year old Peter Varela 

The NSW Chess Association Queens Birthday Weekend Grand Prix Tournament will be held at Ashfield Catholic and Community Club. 

Play will commence daily at 10am with two rounds on Saturday, three on Sunday,and two on Monday. 

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