SMH, August 6, 2001

70 year old wins in Biel 

Former World Title Challenger Viktor Korchnoi now aged seventy has won the category 16 Super Grandmaster tournament in Biel,Switzerland. 

Final scores (6 players, 10 rounds) V.Korchnoi (Switzerland) 6 P.Svidler (Russia) 5.5 B.Gelfand (Israel) 5 A.Grischuk (Russia), J.Lautier (France), Y.Pelletier (Switzerland) 4.5. 

Brain Games World Champion Vladimir Kramnik will play an 8 game match aginst a chess computer from 12th October to 1st November. 

Kramnik will receive Aus$1.9 million if he wins the match, Aus$1.55 million if he draws and Aus $1.16 million if he loses. 

The match "brainsinbahrain" will be hosted by Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Issa al-Khaleifa in Manama, Bahrain. 

Leading scores after round 6 of the British Championship in Scarborough (70 players, 11 rounds) GM's J.Hodgson, M.Chandler, J.Emms, B.Lalic, P.Wells, C.Ward and IM J.Shaw all 4.5. 

International Master Zong-Yuan Zhao aged 15 from Coffs Harbour NSW is undefeated with 3.5 which includes draws with GM M.Chandler, GM A.Summerscale, and IM N.Pert. 

IM Gary Lane of Sydney has also scored 3.5 points.

The average rating of Zhao's 6 opponents is 2351, Lane's 2205. There are 5 rounds to play. 

GM Ian Rogers, FM Tim Reilly, WFM Cathy Rogers (all Sydney) and FM Danny Dwyer are participating in the first Asean International Open in Brunei. 

Ian Rogers and Irwanto Sadikin (Indonesia) share the lead with 4.5/5. 

The World Championship Match tournament will start on November 25th with a prize fund of Aus $6 million. 

The venue has not yet been announced but will probably be in Monte Carlo or Cannes and the final title match may be in London. 

Grandmaster Darryl Johansen of Melbourne, the Australian champion, won the Australian National University Grand Prix tournament in Canberra. 

Johansen conceded only half a point in the final round to International Master Stephen Solomon of Biloela, Queensland. 

Leading final scores (56 players, 7 rounds)  D.Johansen (Vic) 6.5 IM J.Wallace (NSW), K.Stead (NSW), B.Jones (NSW), IM S.Solomon (Qld) 5.5 I.Rout (ACT), M.Grcic (ACT) R.Farrell (ACT) 5. 

St George Leagues Club has won the top two divisions in the NSW Chess Association inter-club grade match competition. I

M J.Wallace (Wests) drew twice with GM I.Rogers (St George) and once with IM G.Lane (Koala). 

These three scored 15/15 against other players on board 1. 

Final scores Open division (out of 40) - St.George 26 Wests 25.5 Koala 21 Fairfield 18 Canterbury 17.5 North Sydney 12. 

Final scores under 2000 (out of 32)- St George 20 Central Coast 17.5 Liverpool 17 Smithfield 15.5 Wollongong 10. 

Leading progress scores under 1800- Wollongong and Wests 21/36 St George Dragons 20.5/36. 

Leading progress scores under 1600- Croatia Punchbowl 28/40 Rooty Hill A 24.5/40 Mt Pritchard A 22/36. 

Under 1400 Final scores(out of 40)- Rooty Hill B 24.5 Rooty Hill A 22 Manly 21.5 North Sydney 19.5 Fairfield 18 St George 14.5. 

The annual Combined Leagues Clubs 9 round rapid play will be held at Ryde-Eastwood on 15th August, St George on 22nd August and Mt Pritchard on 29th August.Details Robert Keast Tel 82347743