Sydney Morning Herald January 8, 2001

Djuric eight out of nine
Peter Parr

Grandmaster Stefan Djuric won his first seven games and drew with GM Ian Rogers of Sydney in round 8 and 14 year old IM Zong Zhao in round 9 of the Centenary of Federation Icon 2001 Australian Open in Canberra. Djuric will play GM Alexander Volzhin of Russia in the tenth round this afternoon at Rydges Lakeside Canberra.

Volzhin arrived late for the tournament and started with 3 half point byes. He has scored 5 wins and a draw with Smerdon in the 6 games he has played.

Rogers beat IM Walaa Sarwat and GM Abhijit Kunte and drew with GM Djuric and GM Darryl Johansen in the last 4 rounds. The 5 grandmasters have moved into the top 5 places with 2 rounds to play.

Leading scores after round 9 (125 players,11 rounds) S.Djuric (GM Yugoslavia) 8 I.Rogers (GM Australia), A.Volzhin (GM Russia),A.Kunte (GM India) 7 D.Johansen (GM Australia) ,G.Lane (IM England),M.Heidenfeld (IM Ireland), Z.Zhao (IM Australia aged 14),W.Sarwat (IM Egypt),D.Smerdon (IM Australia aged 16), M.Ezat (IM Egypt), I.Yadao (Philippines), I.Bjelobrk (New Zealand) all 6.5

Leading scores after 8 rounds of the New Zealand Championship in Auckland (22 players,11 rounds) C.Depasquale (Alice Springs) 6 L.Sandler (IM Melbourne),R.Dive (IM),S.Wastney,L.McLaren 5.5 P.Garbett 5

GM Utut Adianto (Indonesia) finished 1st equal in the 607 player North American Open in Las Vegas. Adianto was the top seed in the Australian Open but withdrew to play in the USA.

The 76th Hastings International Congress in England resulted in a tie for first place between GM Krishnan Sasikiran (India) and GM Stuart Conquest (England).

Vladimir Kramnik who defeated World number 1 Garry Kasparov in the recent Brain Games World Championship Match in London is playing a twelve game rapid play match against Hungarian number 1 Peter Leko in Budapest. Kramnik started with two wins and two draws in the first 4 games but the young Hungarian star equalised the score with two wins and two draws.

The eighth game saw Leko break through and beat Kramnik's Berlin Defence. The score stands at 4-4 with 4 to play. The 9 highest rated players in the World are all competing in the 14 player Wijk aan Zee,Netherlands tournment starting on Jan 16th. The top 3 seeds are G.Kasparov (Russia) 2851,V.Anand (India,the official World Champion) 2769 and V.Kramnik(Russia,Brain Games World Champion) 2758.