SMH, June 11

Van Wely leads European Championship 

Loek Van Wely of The Netherlands won a rook and pawn endgame against Konstantin Aseev of Russia to take the sole lead after 8 rounds of the European Championship in Ohrid,Macedonia. 

Van Wely has scored 5 wins and three draws performing at a rating level of 2800. 

The second seed Judith Polgar,the only female player in the event,won the following game with a direct king side attack in round 8 yesterday. 

GM J.Polgar (Hungary) - GM Karen Asrian (Armenia) (B12) 

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1 e4 c6 2 d4 d5 3 f3 e6 4 Nc3 Bb4 5 Bf4 Nf6 6 Qd3 b6 7 Nge2 0-0 8 0-0-0 c5 9 a3 c4 10 Qe3 Be7 11 g4 Bb7 12 Ng3 dxe4 13 g5 Nd5 14 Nxd5 Qxd5 15 fxe4 Qb5 16 d5 Nd7 17 Qc3 Rfc8 18 Nh5 Bf8 19 Bd6 e5 20 Bxf8 Rxf8 21 Bh3 Rfe8 22 Rhg1 Nf8 23 Rdf1 Ng6 24 Bf5 Qc5 25 Qf3 Rf8 26 c3 Rad8 27 Qg3 Bc8 28 Qh3 Kh8 29 Rg4 Bxf5 30 Rxf5 Kg8 31 Kb1 Rfe8 32 Rg3 Qd6 33 Nxg7 Nf4 34 Nxe8 Rxe8 35 Qh6 Qd7 36 Rg1 Nxd5 37 g6 Nxc3+ 38 bxc3 Qd3+ 39 Kb2 1-0 

The top 46 players qualify for the World Championship Match Tournament later this year. 

Leading scores after round 8 (204 players including 172 International Grandmasters,13 rounds) 

L.Van Wely (Netherlands) 6.5 V.Milov (Switzerland), S.Lputian (Armenia), G.Timoshenko (Ukraine) 6 and 23 players including J.Polgar on 5.5 points and 27 players on 5 points. 

Australian Open Champion Stefan Djuric(Yugoslavia) has 4.5 points. 

World Champion Viswanathan Anand ( India) and the last World Title Challenger Alexei Shirov (Spain) have reached the final of the advanced chess match tournament in Leon, Spain. 

Players compete with the help of a computer and a database. 

Shirov beat Veselin Topolov (Bulgaria) 2.5 - 1.5 and Anand overcame Peter Leko (Hungary) 3.5-2.5 in the semi-final matches. 

The Chinese Womens Team defeated The Rest of the World Womens Team 41.5 - 30.5 at Shanghai University last week.

The highest scorers from the 12 games were Wang Pin 8, Zhu Chen 7.5, Xu Yuhua and World Champion Xie Jun (all China) 7 and former Womens World Champion Maia Chiburdanidze (Georgia) 7 

Leading scores after round 6 of the Caravel Cup at Hakoah Club,Bondi - I.Feldman 5 O.Oendy 4.5 J.Bolens, G.Charles, J.Field 4 

Progress scores after 2 rounds of the Open Division of the NSW Chess Association Inter-club grade match competition - Koala 8/8 St George 6 Wests 4 Fairfield 3.5 Canterbury 2 North Sydney 0.5 

Australia's highest ranked International Grandmaster Ian Rogers of Sydney will be giving a simultaneous exhibition at Ramsey Moloney Solicitors, Byron Bay on Saturday. 

All proceeds to The Cancer Council. 

Chatswood Westfield  Shopping Centre are holding a tournament with live music to promote the rock musical "Chess" on the next two Saturday mornings. 

A number of prizes will be awarded. 

The annual Secondary Schools One-Day Teams Tournament for the Terrey Shaw Shield will be held on Sunday 17th June. 

The event commemorates International Master Terrey Shaw, a Sydney barrister who represented Australia with distinction in 9 consecutive Chess Olympiads and who died in 1997. 

The tournament is sponsored by Terrey Shaw's former colleagues in the legal profession and in the chess community. 

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