Sydney Morning Herald, January 15, 2001

KASPAROV - I am going to win Wijk aan Zee

The nine highest rated players in the World are all competing in the 14 player traditional Dutch Supertournament in Wijk aan Zee.

Three super players - World Number 1 Garry Kasparov,the official World Champion Viswanathan Anand,and Brain Games World Champion Vladimir Kramnik - are obviously stronger than the rest of the participants but the hierarchy among the top 3 is interesting. Kasparov,the number one player for the last 15 years, lost his title to Kramnik in a match two months ago but in a recent interview he said that he was going to win Wijk aan Zee again - and he probably will.

The top 3 seeds were all black in the first round on Saturday evening.

Anand managed to survive from a bad position and drew with Michael Adams. Kramnik had a dull 15 move draw with Jan Timman. Kasparov won in fine style against Sergei Tiviakov. The only other two decisive games were Alexei Shirov 1 Veselin Topalov 0 and Jeroen Piket 0 Alexander Morozevich 1.

Kramnik beat Leko 7-5 in a rapid play match last week in Budapest.

Leading players on the January 2001 World Chess Federation rating list are: G.Kasparov (Russia) 2849: V.Anand (India) 2790: V.Kramnik (Russia) 2772: M.Adams (England) 2746: A.Morozevich (Russia) 2745: P.Leko (Hungary) 2745: A.Shirov (Spain) 2718: V.Topalov (Bulgaria) 2718: V.Ivanchuk (Ukraine) 2717: B.Gelfand (Israel) 2712.

Leading Australian players: I.Rogers (NSW) 2529: D.Johansen (VIC) 2520: A.Wohl (NSW) 2441, M.Gluzman (VIC) 2432, L.Sandler (VIC) 2402, V.Feldman (NSW) 2399, Z.Zhao (NSW) 2396, A.Davidovic (SA) 2392, M.Kontorovic (VIC) 2385, S.Solomon (QLD) 2383,G.West(VIC) 2377,J.Wallace (NSW) 2366,D.Nutu-Gajic(SA) 2350,M.Chapman(SA) 2338,I.Goldenberg(VIC) 2335,N.Speck(VIC) 2324,M.Leskiewicz(QLD) 2324,R.Samar(NSW) 2319,H.Barber(WA) 2319,I.Belin (NSW) 2319

The only two Australians ranked in the top 1100 players are Ian Rogers (318th) and Darryl Johansen (374th). Alex Wohl is ranked 1112th.

Wohl who is seeded 61st in the 149 player Anibal Open tournament in Linares, Spain recovered from an early loss to GM Artashes Minasian (Armenia) rated 2614 and has scored 3.5 points after 6 rounds.

138 players in 4 divisions are competing in the Australian Junior Championships in Canberra. David Smerdon(QLD IM),Kuan-Kuan Tian (NSW) and Catherine Lip (NSW) lead the under 18 open with 3 out of 3. Shervin Rafizadeh (ACT) drew with IM Zong Zhao (NSW) in round 3. Michelle Lee (VIC),Shannon Oliver (ACT) and Kateryna Moshnenko (QLD) have each scored 3 out of 3 in the Girls under 18 event.

Gary McNamara,aged 15,has won the NSW Junior League's New Year Open. Leading final scores (60 players,9rounds) Gary McNamara 8.5,Colman Yu 7,Aaron Yap and Patrick Pena 6.5 each. The NSW Junior League will be holding a one day tournament next Wednesday and a two day tournament the following week. Enquiries Margaret Cuckson Tel 9388 7940