Sydney Morning Herald,
April 16 2001

Kasparov still number one
Peter Parr

Leading 12 players on the new revised April 2001 World Chess Federation rating list are: G.Kasparov (Russia) 2827, V.Kramnik (Russia) 2802, V.Anand (India) 2794, M.Adams (England) 2750, A.Morozevich (Russia) 2749, P.Leko (Hungary) 2731, V.Ivanchuk (Ukraine) 2731, A.Shirov (Spain) 2723, B.Gelfand (Israel) 2712, E.Bareev (Russia) 2709, V.Topalov (Bulgaria) 2707, P.Svidler (Russia) 2695.

Garry Kasparov retains the number one ranking above Brain Games World Champion Vladimir Kramnik and Official World Champion Viswanathan Anand.

The 12 Australian players rated above 2350 are: I.Rogers (NSW) 2528 (ranked 336 in the world), D.Johansen (VIC) 2513 (ranked 429 in the world), A.Wohl (NSW) 2418 (ranked 1525 in the world), M.Gluzman (VIC) 2400, L.Sandler (VIC) 2400, A.Davidovic (SA) 2392, Z.Zhao (NSW) 2390, J.Wallace (NSW) 2388, M.Kontorovich (VIC) 2385, S.Solomon (QLD) 2383, V.Feldman (NSW) 2369, G.West (VIC) 2363.

John- Paul Wallace gained 22 rating points but the other 11 lost 115 rating points between them.

Wallace won every game in the Greenfield Cup tournament at Hakoah Club, Bondi. Leading final scores J.Wallace 9/9, I.Feldman 7.5, S.Krejci 6, T.Rippis 5.5. Jonathan Rona scored 9/9 in the supporting event.

Greg Canfell had a hard fought draw in an exciting game against Alex Safarian in the seventh round of the City of Sydney championship at Ashfield. Kuan-Kuan Tian beat Simon Quick and top seed Tim Reilly defeated Adrian Rose.

Leading scores after round 7 (48 players, 9 rounds). G.Canfell 6, T.Reilly, K.Tian, A.Safarian 5.5: J.Bolens, S.Quick, G.Xie 5.

The 39th annual Doeberl Cup Easter weekend tournament in Canberra has attracted 162 players. Leading scores after four rounds of the main event (45 players,7 rounds) GM Darryl Johansen (VIC) the Australian Champion and IM Gary Lane (NSW) 4 GM Stefan Djuric (Yugoslavia the Australian Open Champion) and IM Michael Gluzman (VIC) 3.5 with seven players on three points.

Johansen beat 2 of the top 9 seeds IM Zhao and Rujevic.Lane has defeated three FIDE Masters from NSW Weeks,Reilly and Tindall.

82 year old Lloyd Fell (NSW) has competed in all 39 events. Prof Bernhard Neumann (ACT) is the oldest competitor at the age of 91. GM Johansen will start as firm favorite to win the World Championship Oceanic Zonal Tournament starting on Sunday on the Gold Coast.

Last year's Doeberl Cup winner Alex Wohl has scored 6/8 losing only to GM Mladen Palac (Croatia) and GM Andrei Shchekachev(Russia) in the Metz, France International. Wohl is in fourth place in the 120 player event and is paired against GM Jean-Marc DeGraeve (France) in the final round.

GM Ian Rogers,9 times Doeberl Cup winner, won his first 4 rounds in the Neckar,Germany International but lost to GM Pavel Tregubov (Russia) in round 5. Neckar has 795 players in 3 divisions.