SMH, June 18

Emil Sutovsky wins European Championship
Peter Parr

Emil Sutovsky aged 23 from Israel was awarded the gold medal in the European Championship in Ohrid,Macedonia on Saturday evening.

Ruslan Ponomariov aged 17 from Ukraine tied for first place with Sutovsky but lost the play off match 0.5 - 1.5. 

Zurab Azmaiparashvili aged 41 from Georgia defeated Judith Polgar aged 24 from Hungary 1.5 - 0.5 in a play off match for the bronze medal.

Loek Van Wely aged 28 from Netherlands who led for most of the event played the most interesting chess.

Van Wely tried to win each game whereas many of his rivals were content to draw with each other.

Every game on the top 18 boards was agreed drawn in the final round except Van Wely who needed to win to tie for first place.

Van Wely stood better against Azmaiparashvili but over- estimated his position and lost.

The top 46 players qualified for the knock-out World Championship Match Tournament to be held in November.

The event was very strong with 38 players rated above 2600.

Thomas Luther of Germany met the strongest field scoring 8
points against an average rating of 2629 for a 2713 performance rating.

Andrei Volokitin (Ukraine) qualified at the age of 14 scoring 8 points and an amazing performance rating of 2674.

Ten players rated above 2600 failed to qualify including former World Title Challenger Viktor Korchnoi aged 70 from Switzerland who is not suited to the quicker rate of play.

Korchnoi scored 7 points and Australian Open Champion
Stefan Djuric of Yugoslavia scored 6 points.

Leading final scores (204 players including 143 international grandmasters
and 38 international masters,13 rounds) 

E.Sutovsky, R.Ponomariov 9.5
Z.Azmaiparashvili,J.Polgar 9 
L.Van Wely, G.Timoshenko(Ukraine),R.Vaganian(Armenia),V.Milov (Switzerland),A.Graf
(Germany),S.Tiviakov(Netherlands),A.Anastasian(Armenia) all 8.5 and 33
players on 8 points.
Interestingly 170 of the 204 players finished within 1.5 points of 50%

World Champion Viswanathan Anand (India) beat Alexei Shirov (Spain) 2.5-1.5  in the final of the annual advanced chess match tournament in Leon, Spain.

Players compete with the help of a computer and a database. Anand
has won the event for each of the last three years.

International Master Alex Wohl of Sydney scored five out of eleven in the category 8 round robin Grandmaster tournament in Santa Clara, Cuba.

Wohl is now in Amsterdam.

International Master Zong Yuan Zhao (NSW) and Catherine Lip (NSW) have been selected to represent Australia at the World Junior Campionships in Athens from 16-29 August.

Edgardo Agulto won the NSW Chess Association Queen's Birthday weekend tournament with a round to spare. Agulto scored 6 out of 6 before losing to top seed Tim Reilly in the final round.

Robert Goris, one of New Zealand's strongest players before moving to Sydney,tied for second place with Reilly by defeating Hungarian Master Paul Dozsa in the last round.

Leading final scores (48 players,7 rounds) E.Agulto 6  R.Goris,T.Reilly 5.5
R.Capilitan,M.Van Renan,J.Bolens,K.Hursky 5

Mark Chapman(SA) won the Victorian Open in Melbourne with 6/7 half a point
ahead of G.West, M.Baron, D.Partsi and a chess computer.

The Queen's Birthday weekender in Tasmania resulted in a tie for first place between Alija Premilovac and Phil Donnelly.

The next two Australian Chess Federation Grand Prix events will be held at the weekend. A category one event will be held at Taree RSL (NSW) and a category three event will be at the Gold Coast in Queensland.