Sydney Morning Herald
March 26, 2001

World Champions lead in Monaco Vladimir Kramnik,the Brain Games World Champion, and Viswanathan Anand,the official World Champion,share the lead after 14 games of the tenth annual Amber tournament in Monaco. 

Every day the grandmasters play one rapid game and one blindfold game. 

The prize fund is Aus $386,000. 

Veselin Topalov and Kramnik are in joint first place with 5/7 in the blindfold event half a point ahead of Anand who leads the rapid play with 5/7 half a point ahead of Kramnik.

Former World Champion Anatoly Karpov (Russia) has scored one win,10 draws and three losses. 

Leading scores after round 14 (12 players, 22rounds) V.Kramnik (Russia) and V.Anand (India) 9.5,V.Topalov ( Bulgaria) 9,P.Leko(Hungary) 8, A.Shirov (Spain) 7 

Meanwhile in Cannes,France the World Cup of rapid chess is nearing completion. 

The 16 players were in two groups of 8 with 4 qualifiers from each group.

Garry Kasparov,the highest rated player in the world,easily won his group with 5.5/7 conceding draws in the last two rounds.

Quarter final match results G.Kasparov (Russia) 1.5 Vladislav Tkachiev (France) 0.5, Evgeny Bareev (Russia) 1.5 Etienne Bacrot (France) 0.5, Alexander Grischuk (Russia) 4 Mikhail Gurevich (Belgium) 3,Judith Polgar (Hungary) 1.5 Michael Adams (England) 0.5. Semi-finals - Kasparov 3 Grischuk 1 and Bareev 1.5 Polgar 0.5. 

Kasparov will play Bareev (rated 11th in the world) in the final. 

China defeated USA 21-19 in the series of 4 summit matches in Seattle,Washington. 

The United States performed well on the top six boards winning 13.5-10.5 but lost 3.5-4.5 on the womens boards. 

China won 6-2 on the junior boards with Ni Hua of China the overall best scorer with 3.5/4. 

The clash between the top two seeds Tim Reilly,a former Australian Junior Champion and Greg Canfell, the former 3 time NSW Champion, had been eagerly awaited in the City of Sydney Championship. 

The genuinely fighting game saw both players at their best and the game should have resulted in a draw. 

Reilly's sense of danger seemed to be dulled when he incorrectly exchanged queens just before the time control. 

There was no reply to Canfell's 41st move when he cleverly created a passed pawn and Reilly resigned. 

Seven of the eight players half a point behind first place drew their fourth round games. 

Former NSW Champion Kuan-Kuan Tian moved into outright second place by receiving a free point. Tian was paired against Richard Valenti who advised the tournament arbiter well before the fourth round was due to start that he had to fly to Paris on business. 

Tian was awarded a point on forfeit. The arbiter decided not to change the pairings as they had been published and the unplayed game was not postponed. 

The championship is played at the rate of one game per week.

Leading scores after round 4 - G.Canfell 4 K.Tian 3.5 G.Xie, J.Bolens, P.Dozsa, I.Zvedeniouk, A.Camer, B.Ingram, M.Van Renan, S.Quick all 3  

Thirteen year old Ronald Yu has won the first of the NSW Junior League's four regional warm-up tournaments,held at Lidcombe on Saturday. 

Leading final scores- Ronald Yu 10/11,Hoi-Ming Chan 8.5,Arthur Huynh and Benjamin Harris 8. 

Two more warm-up tournaments will be held next weekend at Liverpool on Saturday and at Normanhurst on Sunday. Enquiries Margaret Cuckson phone 9388 7940