Sydney Morning Herald, January 29, 2001

Kasparov above World Champions.

The highest rated player in the World Garry Kasparov is a full point ahead of World no 2 Viswanathan Anand - the official World Champion and World no 3 Vladimir Kramnik - the Braingames World Champion.

Kasparov who has so far scored 5 wins and 7 draws in the first 12 rounds needs only a draw against Michael Adams to ensure outright first place in the Wijk aan Zee,Netherlands Super Grandmaster Tournament.

Alexei Shirov,the early leader,lost to Kasparov in round 9, Ivanchuk in round 11 and Kramnik in round 12.

Leading scores after round 12 (14players,13rounds) G.Kasparov (Russia) 8.5 V.Anand (India) and V.Kramnik (Russia) 7.5 M.Adams (England),A.Morozevich (Russia),A.Shirov (Spain),V.Ivanchuk (Ukraine) 7 P.Leko (Hungary) 6.

International Master Alex Wohl of Sydney is seeded 51st in the 128 player Ubeda Open in Spain. Wohl has so far scored a disappointing 2.5/7 in the 10 round event.

14 year old International Master Zong - Yuan Zhao from Coffs Harbour has won the Australian Junior Under 18 Championship in Canberra. One year ago Zhao was 320 rating points below Australian number 1 Grandmaster Ian Rogers on the world rating list but with a number of excellent results in the last twelve months the gap is rapidly closing and Zhao is now only 133 rating points behind Rogers.

Zhao enjoys studying chess books and intends to travel overseas to compete in a number of international events during the next year.

16 year old International Master David Smerdon led the Australian Junior until his surprise loss to Michael Lip in the last round.

Leading final scores (66 players, 11 rounds) Z.Zhao (NSW) 9, D.Smerdon (QLD) 8.5, K.Tian (NSW), G.Xie (NSW), S.Rafizadeh (ACT) and M.Lip (NSW) 7.5

Girls under 18 (13 players, 13 rounds) M.Lee (VIC) 11.5, S.Oliver (ACT) 10.5, S.Richter (VIC) 10.

Open Under 12 (39 players, 11 rounds) D.Stojic (ACT) 11, C.Barnard (QLD) 10, M.Wei (ACT) 9

Girls Under 12 (20 players, 11 rounds) H.Huddleston (NSW) 9.5, V.Reid (NSW), C.Hickman (VIC) 8.

Leading final scores of the Australian Junior Lightning (87 players, 11 rounds) D.Smerdon (QLD), Z.Zhao (NSW) & K.Tian (NSW) 9: S.Chow (VIC) 8.5.

The Australian Chess Federation has announced the following ACF medals for the year 2000.

Steiner Medal (Player of the year) Darryl Johansen (VIC): Purdy Medal (Chess Journalism) David Ellis (WA): Koshnitsky Medal (Chess Administration) Richard Gastineau-Hills (NSW).

NSW Junior League Summer one day event results (114players,9rounds) A.Chan 8,Y.Rao and E.Yap 7.5 and the two day event(134 players,10rounds) I.Zvedeniouk 9.5,A.Chan 9,R.Yu 8.

Grandmaster Stephen Djuric from Belgrade,the Australian Open Champion, scored 13.5/14 in a simultaneous display at North Sydney Leagues Club last week.

The 9 round Greenfield Cup starts tonight at the Hakoah Club, Bondi.

A seven round weekend tournament will be held at the Newcastle Workers Club on Saturday and Sunday.