SMH, October 29

Canfell wins NSW Championship again

Greg Canfell has won the 100th anniversary NSW Championship at Parramatta RSL Club with a round to spare.

Canfell, an Information Technology Production Editor, also won the title in three consecutive years 1996, 1997 and 1998. 

Only four players have won the event outright more than 4 times - Lajos Steiner (9), Cecil Purdy (7), Garry Koshnitsky (6) and Spencer Crakanthorp (6) all in the first half of the 20th century.

These four between them not only won 28 NSW Championships they were also all Champions of Australia (each of the 4 players for at least 5 years) for a combined period of 28 years between 1926 and 1960. 

Leading scores after round 8 (20 players, 9rounds) G.Canfell 7.5, R.Samar 6, J.Bolens and K.Stead 5. 

The NSW Rapid Play Championship will be held over 6 rounds commencing at 10am on Sunday 4th November at Parramatta RSL Club. Enquiries-Robert Keast Tel 0417497258 

An Australian Chess Federation Class 1 Grand Prix tournament will be held at Laurieton United Servicemen's Club (NSW) on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November. 

Leading Grand Prix scores - GM D.Johansen (VIC) 76.00, IM S.Solomon (QLD) 74.50,IM J.Wallace (NSW) 66.50, IM M.Chapman (SA) 60.00, K.Stead (NSW) 54.50, IM D.Smerdon (QLD) 45.75 

Leading scores after round 9 of the World Seniors Championship in Arco, Italy (163players, 11rounds) GM Janis Klovans (Latvia) and IM Vladimir Karasev (Russia) 7.5 

Phillip Viner of Sydney (Australian Seniors Champion) has scored 5 points.

IM Aleks Wohl of Sydney has scored 2.5/3 in the A division in Arco drawing with Yugoslav GM Milan Drasco. 

The annual match between the World's Best Veterans and the World's best Women is in progress in Amsterdam. The veterans lead 10.5-9.5 after 4 rounds. Xie Jun (World Womens Champion) and Zhu Chen (both China) have each scored 2.5/4 for the women and Lajos Portisch (Hungary)and Vlastimil Hort (Germany) have each scored 2.5/4 for the Veterans. 

The World Youth Championships in 10 divisions in Oropesa del Mar, Spain attracted 853 players. Australia has 14 competitors in 9 divisions, our leading coaches include GM Ian Rogers (NSW), IM Gary Lane(NSW) and IM Michael Gluzman (VIC). WFM Cathy Rogers (International Arbiter,NSW) is an arbiter in Spain and a number of relatives and supporters make the Australian delegation very large.

Progress scores after round 6 of the 11 round events - Under 18 (83 players, 3 GMs) IM Zviad Izoria (Georgia) leads with 5.5. The top seed GM Baadur Jobavar (Georgia, 2556) has 4 and Justin Tan (NSW, 2244 the 44th seed) 3points. Sopio Gvetadze (Georgia) leads the 55 player Under 18 girls with 5.5/6; Australia is not represented in this division. 15 year old International Master Zong-Yuan Zhao from Coffs Harbour (NSW) rated 2387 is seeded 12th in the World Under 16 Championship. The top four seeds (102 players) are all over 2500. Zhao has scored 4 points (3wins, 2draws and a loss to Damir Husnutdinov of Uzbekistan). Svetozar Stojic (ACT) is on 2.5 points. Under 16 girls (76 players) WIM Nana Dzagnidze (Georgia) 5.5 leads and Shannon Oliver (ACT) has 1 point. Under 14 (106 players, 3 IM, 6 FM) Viktor Erdos (Hungary) the 11th seed rated 2320 leads with 5.5 and Gareth Oliver (ACT) has 2 points. Under 14 girls (79 players) WIM Batkhuyag Mongontuul (Mongolia) leads with 6 points. Sally-Anne Richter (VIC) has 2 points. Under 12 (117 players) FM Dmitri Andreikine (Russia) leads with 5.5 and Dusan Stojic (ACT) has 2. Girls Under 12 (78 players) WFM Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine) leads with 5.5. Heather Huddleston (NSW) has 3.5 and Amy Evans (QLD) 2 Under 10 (87 players) Tamas Fodor (Hungary) 6 and Khoi Hoang (ACT) 3 Girls Under 10 (78 players) Zhongyi Tan (China) 5.5 There are 4 Australians- Rocheleh Ziffer (VIC) 3.5, Adelaide Soltysik (NSW) 3, Natasha Lauder (VIC) 1.5, Tamzin Oliver (ACT) 1 

India's latest prodigy 14 year old womens grandmaster Humpy Koneru won the category 7 GM tournament in Budapest with a 2546 performance rating. World number 1 Garry Kasparov (Russia) scored 22-0 in a simultaneous display in St Petersburg last Thursday evening.