SMH, July 30

Korchnoi strongest ever 70 year old 

Former World Title Challenger Viktor Korchnoi aged 70 has taken the sole lead at the half way stage of the Super Grandmaster Tournament in Biel, Switzerland. 

Korchnoi from Leningrad defected from the USSR in 1976,lost the last game to Anatoly Karpov (Russia)- (final score 15.5-16.5) in a World Title Match in 1978 and is now clearly the strongest 70 year old player in chess history. 

Leading scores after round 5 in Biel (6 players average rating 2649, 10 rounds) V.Korchnoi (Switzerland) 3.5 P.Svidler (Russia), Y.Pelletier (Switzerland) 3 B.Gelfand (Israel) 2.5 A.Grischuk(Russia), J.Lautier(France)1.5 

Final scores in the category 21 Super Grandmaster Tournament in Dortmund, Germany (6 players average rating 2755, 10 rounds) V.Topalov (Bulgaria) and V.Kramnik (Russia) 6.5: P.Leko (Hungary) 5.5: A.Morozevich (Russia) 5: M.Adams (England) 3.5: V.Anand (India,World Champion) 3.  

14 year old Humpy Koneru (India), the British Ladies Champion, has scored a grandmaster result with a 2621 performance rating in a category 7 GM tournament in Hungary. 

Koneru scored 6 wins and 5 draws in the eleven round event. 

7 year old Abdul Rahman of the United Arab Emirates is the youngest player to gain the World Chess Federation Master Title in Sharjah (UAE) last week. 

International Master Alex Wohl of Sydney scored 7/9 in the international rapid play in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Leading players on the Australian Chess Federation August rating list: I.Rogers (NSW) 2571, D.Johansen (VIC) 2521: A.Wohl (NSW) 2493: G.Lane (NSW) 2467: M.Gluzman (VIC) 2406: S.Solomon (QLD) 2398: N.Kagan (VIC) 2384: L.Sandler (VIC) 2382: T.Tao 2376 (SA): C.Laird (QLD) 2374: E.Teichmann (VIC) 2354: J.Wallace (NSW) 2352. 

Top Females: I.Wallace (NSW) 2206: I.Berezina - Feldman (NSW) 2180: N.Koshnitsky (SA) 2126: S.Sari (NSW) 2087: B.Dekic (NSW) 2038. 

Top Under 20: D.Smerdon (QLD) 2297: Z.Zhao (NSW) 2294: I.Bjelobrk (VIC) 2276: G.Saw (VIC) 2170: T.Boyd (WA) 2088. 

Top Under 16: Z.Zhao (NSW) 2294: K.Tian (NSW) 2071: G.Xie (NSW) 2053: J.Tan (NSW) 2049: T.Rej (NSW) 2026. 

Top Under 12: M.Lee (VIC) 1645: R.Lugo (VIC) 1586: D.Stojic (ACT) 1572: M.Wei (ACT) 1564: C.Barnard (QLD) 1512. 

The Australian Rapid Play Championship will again be hosted by Deakin University Melbourne, with a prize fund of $8,000 over the weekend of 4th and 5th August. 

The NSW Chess Association are holding a category 1 Grand Prix event over the same weekend at St Josephs Church, Rockdale, Sydney. 

Progress scores in the NSW Chess Association inter-club grade match competition - Open Division-St George 21/32 Koala 20.5/32 Wests 19/32 Fairfield 14.5/32 Canterbury 15/36 North Sydney 10/36 Under 2000 St George 16.5/28 Smithfield 15/28 

Under 1800 Wests 19/32 Mt Pritchard 16/28 

Under 1600 Croatia 25.5/36 Mt Pritchard A 22/36 

Under 1400 Rooty Hill B 23.5/36 Rooty Hill A 20/36