Hi my name is Brett Tindall and each month I will be writing an article on anything and everything .

This week my article is about two games which can be played with a chessboard but with slightly different rules.

Chess Variants

The first game is called Bughouse or the Australian term Transfer .

Transfer is played with 4 people , one person on your team and the other two people are on the opposing team.

One person plays white and their team mate is black or vica versa .

When a piece is captured it is passed to your team mate . When its his\her move he can place that piece anywhere he\she wants on the board .

The object of the game is to checkmate your opponent or for your partner to checkmate his opponent .

You are allowed to drop a piece and give check and checkmate as long as it is your turn .

Transfer is normally played using 2 clocks one each board with a maximum of 5 minutes each on both board

Clocks are used to not only speed up the game but also to stop a team being able to stall and wait for a piece.

What is the difference between bughouse and transfer ? Bughouse and transfer are very similar but have one difference . In bughouse you are allowed to promote once you pawn reaches the 8th rank to any piece you wish

You cannot of course place a pawn on the 8th rank and promote it . It must be placed on the 7th rank and then queened next move .

In transfer you cannot promotion is not allowed .


The next I would like to talk about is Crazyhouse .

This is a form of one board transfer . It is a normal game of chess played between two people , but if you capture a piece then that piece then turns into yours . So next time it is your move you can place that down .

You are allowed to drop a piece to give check or checkmate provided it is your turn of course.

Crazyhouse is very difficult to play over the board as it could be a little tedious every time you captured a piece swapping it with a spare set of pieces . It is best played over the internet where when you capture a piece it is automatically changed over to you and is the colour of your pieces .

If you would like to try your luck at either of these games download a chess playing interface from ICC and FICS and try your luck against other people around the world . But be warned , both games are really addictive !