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2012 Australian Championship


The Championship will be held at the Sphinx Entertainment Centre, North Geelong, Vic from 27 December 2011 to 8 January 2012 (eleven rounds with rest days on 1 and 5 January).


If you are yet to enter, please note that the early entry cutoff date has expired and entries close as at the date of this newsletter: 13 December 2011.


The organisers are especially encouraging those planning to stay in Geelong to book accommodation asap, as the event spans a peak demand accommodation period.


See here for the entry form and other details.



Urgent Call For Applications: International Organiser (IO) title


The FIDE deadline for receiving applications has been extended to 15 Jan 2012. In view of this slight change I now need to receive applications by the end of the year to resolve any issues before sending.


Kevin Bonham

ACF Vice-President and Delegate to FIDE


The original notice is reproduced below:


At the recent FIDE Congress, the deadline for applications for the title of International Organiser prior to the introduction of compulsory seminars was extended until the end of 2011. This is a great "last chance" for Australian organisers to obtain the IO title without a seminar, but they must have their applications endorsed and submitted by the end of this year.


Applicants must have served as chief organiser for five FIDE-rated tournaments or two FIDE title events. The full requirements for the title are stated at link. Note that the requirement for two different types of tournaments typically means an Australian organiser will have organised both Swiss and Round Robin tournaments.


Forms for the title are available at link. One IO1 form must be filled out for each event including a recommendation from the Chief Arbiter or other suitable administrator or arbiter. The IO2 form must be filled out leaving the Federation Official space at the bottom blank. Please fill out forms clearly in block capitals for easy scanning.


Applications must be received by Dec 15 [Ed: Note above extension] in order for any issues to be resolved and in case I am away from home in the final days of the year. Applicants can send forms as scanned attachments to . Or applicants may post forms to 410 Macquarie Street, South Hobart, Tas 7004, but in this case please make email contact before posting. If an application has not been acknowledged after seven days please call 0421 428 775.


Applications should be of decent standard. Supporting comments should provide some basic level of evidence (not just assertion) that the applicant is a skilled organiser who runs events in line with FIDE standards. Also, it is an advantage if at least one titled Arbiter or Organiser is among those endorsing the Norm Report forms, or else can vouch for the applicant's skills if needed.


The ACF reserves the right to decline to endorse applications that are in any way deficient or for any other reason at its discretion. Applicants who are FIDE-registered to another federation must contact and apply through that federation instead.


Kevin Bonham

ACF Vice-President and Delegate to FIDE



Australian Olympiad Selections: 20 Game Rule Deadline for Turkey Olympiad


Prospective applicants for Olympiad selection to represent Australia in either the Open or Women’s team at the 40th FIDE Olympiad are advised that the ACF Council has ruled that the deadline for each applicant to have played at least 20 games in the previous year will be March 31, 2012.  An applicant must have played at least 20 standard games (not rapid or blitz) that are rated by the ACF, FIDE or a national organisation for which rating formula conversion details are known and the playing of the games can be verified.  Players who have not played at least 20 such games will be ruled ineligible for selection.


The Olympiad will be held in Istanbul, Turkey and is scheduled for August 27 - Sep 10 2012.  Detailed information is not yet available.  A call for applications for selections will be issued by the ACF in due course. 


Kevin Bonham

ACF Vice-President



2013 Australian Open


The ACF invites expressions of interest from affiliated associations and others for authority to conduct the 2013 Australian Open Championship and associated events on behalf of the ACF.


These events would normally commence in late December 2012 or early January 2013 and end in the first or second week of January 2013.


Links to ACF by-laws governing procedures for allocating and presenting ACF Tournaments may be seen on the ACF website at


Please address inquiries by email to ACF Secretary, Tom Accola, at with cc to



ACF Medals and Awards 2011-2012 – Nominations Invited


Nominations are invited for potential winners of the following ACF medals and awards, to be presented during the forthcoming Australian Championships in Geelong, Victoria.


Steiner Medal – Australian Player of the Year 2011


This medal is to be awarded to the Australian player who has made the greatest impact, not necessarily the highest-rated – it is for the most notable achievement of the year and may be awarded to the same person more than once.


Arlauskas Medal & Award – Australian Under-16 Player of the Year 2011

The Arlauskas Medal is awarded annually on the same basis as the Steiner Medal, but limited to nominees who at one time or another during the year of the award satisfied the ACF’s age-limit criteria for eligibility to participate in the Australian Under-16 Championship in the year concerned.


The winner of the Arlauskas Medal in each year is to be the recipient of a single grant by the ACF to assist the winner to meet costs related to his or her participation in a significant international or Australian chess event scheduled or likely to begin within two years of the announcement of the name of the winner of the award.


The Arlauskas Medal and Romanas Arlauskas Award may not be won by the same person more than twice.


Koshnitsky Medal (NB deadline now passed)

This is awarded for an outstanding contribution to Australian chess administration at a national or a state level. This is a lifetime achievement award, not limited to accomplishments or services during a particular period. It may not be won more than once by the same person.


Whyatt Medal  (NB deadline now passed)

This medal is now awarded every four years for outstanding success as a chess problem composer, taking into account the composer's published chess problems.


The following guidelines were noted when the Whyatt medal was introduced in 2003.


In the case of a nomination for the Whyatt medal, the setting out of achievements should include a listing of published problems and of any awards received in competitions, giving full publication details and a reproduction from the publication itself. Published commentary on the problems may be attached, including the comments of competition judges and, if desired, also of editors and solvers. No limit is placed on the number of problems that may be listed.


Selectors are not asked to undertake the difficult, time-consuming and error-prone task of judging particular problems as if they were freshly submitted to them, but instead to rely on the work already done by competition judges, perhaps taking into account also the comments of editors and solvers.


The setting out of achievements should include a listing of published problems and of any awards received in competitions, giving full publication details and a reproduction from the publication itself. Published commentary on the problems may be attached, including the comments of competition judges and, if desired, also of editors and solvers. No limit is placed on the number of problems that may be listed.


The winner will be asked to prepare a short note dealing with at least one of the problems that resulted in the award. This note should be aimed at explaining to the general chess-playing public in simple language (defining technical terms when needed) some of the ideas involved in the problem(s).


Attention may be drawn to intellectual, artistic and other features. A way should be indicated by which readers can follow up any further interest they might then have in problems as a result of their having read this note.


Links to Additional Information


Previous medal winners

Related ACF by-laws: Medals Procedures




Nominations need not be from among a State's own members or residents.


A separate document or message containing the following should be provided in respect of each nominee:


 - name in full (correctly spelt);

 - contact details (phone, email, postal address);

 - a citation describing relevant achievements, suitable for reading when the medal is presented and/or publication thereafter;

 - anything else relevant to the nomination.


A person submitting a nomination must retain a complete copy of every document submitted as part of the nomination and must phone 0409 525 963 or (03) 9787 7974 to confirm that it has been received if delivery has not been acknowledged 24 hours after expected delivery time.


Deadlines for Printed Nominations


If a nomination comprises or is supplemented by printed documents, it must be addressed to:


ACF Medals, 22 Bruarong Crescent, Frankston South 3199,


and mailed to be received in the normal course of post on or before Thursday 1 December 2011.


Deadlines for Email Nominations


Nominations comprising email messages and/or attachments must be emailed to so as to be received on or before the following dates:


Koshnitsky medal & Whyatt medal: Thursday 8 December 2011

Steiner medal & Arlauskas medal: Monday 2 January 2012


Recipients of this notice are invited to distribute copies of it to affiliated clubs, members and others to maximise the possibility of nominations in respect of the most suitable nominees.


Gary Wastell

ACF Medals Selections Coordinator

Phone (03) 9787 7974 or 0409 525 963


email cc



FIDE Arbiters Seminar 16-20 January 2012, Queenstown, NZ



FIDE Arbiters Seminar

Venue: Millennium Hotel, Ballroom, Queenstown

Dates: Jan 16th – 20th 9.30am – 12.30pm

Fees: $150 Cheques made payable to NZCF

Conducted By: IA Bob Gibbons, IA Shaun Press

Seminar Outline:


1. Overview of Being an Arbiter and Tournament Organiser

Objectives & skills for arbiters and organisers, tournament structures and prizes, event management, available resources.


2. The Laws of Chess and Tournament Regulations

Laws of Chess, Tournament Regulations, penalties, appeals, selected incidents, chess clocks, recent changes.


3. Round Robin and Swiss Pairing Systems

Round Robin Berger Tables, Swiss Pairing System, Byes, Forfeits, Withdrawals, Tie-breaks.


4. Tournament Software

Swiss Pairings & Internet broadcast software, Swiss Perfect, Swiss Manager, DGT electronic chess boards, TOMA broadcast software.


5. Ratings System

ELO & FIDE rating system regulations, calculations, reporting procedures, contacts.


6. International Tournaments and Titles

FIDE requirements, title regulations and reports.


7. Examination

FIDE Arbiter Examination required for FIDE Arbiter title


New Zealand Chess Federation Inc.

Member of F.I.D.E

Affiliated to NZ Olympic Committee

P.O. Box 216 Shortland St Auckland New Zealand

President: Paul Spiller

Secretary: Helen Milligan

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Mosaddeque Ali 1971-2011. Former ACTCA President and one of Australia’s most active players, Mosaddeque Ali, died suddenly from a heart attack on 6 December aged only 40. A number of personal tributes can be seen at link and a fuller obituary is in preparation and will be published in a later newsletter issue.


Tom Tomas 1933-2011. Peter Parr has reported in his Sydney Morning Herald column that veteran Sydney player Tom Tomas passed away on 21 November.



2012 Australian Lightning Championship


The 2012 Australian Lightning (Blitz) Championship 2012 will be held from 1pm on 5 January 2012 (the second rest day of the Australian Championships) in Geelong.


Prizes are: 1st $725, 2nd $350, 3rd $200, 4th $150, 5th $75, plus commemorative plaques for first, second, and third.


The time limit is all moves in 5 minutes and a play-off will be held in the event of a tie. Entries will be taken up to the day before the event.



2011 Australasian Masters


This event is being hosted by the Box Hill Chess Club from 10 to 18 December at Box Hill Chess Club. See link for games.



2011 Victorian Blitz Championship


IM Leonid Sandler won this event at the Melbourne Chess Club on 4 December with 11.5/13 from FM Bobby Cheng 11 and FM Dusan Stojic 9.5 in a 24-player field. IM Sandler dedicated the win to his father Veniamin, the oldest participant, who scored 6.



2011 NSW Lightning Championship


This event has reportedly been won by Blair Mandla.



2011 Queensland Lightning and Veteran Championships


These two events were won by Brodie McClymont and David Lovejoy respectively.



2011 ACT Rapidplay Championship


When: Saturday 17 December 2011

What time: 11:00 am start - register from 10:30am

Where: City Walk, Canberra City (outside Chicken Gourmet where Street Chess meets)

Format: 7 round Swiss

Time control: G/15m

Entry Fees: $10 ($5 for juniors)

Prizes: First prize minimum $100, other prizes based on total entries



Fisher’s Ghost Open


Organisers have advised that this event, postponed from its original dates in November, has now been cancelled for 2011 due to venue difficulties.



NSWCA website


The NSWCA has revamped its website. The location is unchanged at



State Association AGMs


AGMs were held in three States in recent weeks with the following officers elected or appointed. See the respective State websites (links below) for more information.


New South Wales:


President - Bill Gletsos

Vice President - Shane Burgess

Treasurer - Norman Greenwood

Secretary - Tom Accola

Registrar - Peter Cassettari

Tournaments Officer - Lou Damaschino

Club Liaison Officer - vacant

Ratings Officer - Robert Watson

Representative for Junior Chess - Richard Gastineau-Hills

Councillor Without Portfolio - Vladimir Smirnov

Country Representative - Keith Farrell

Communications Officer - Laura Moylan

Webmaster - Arif Hassani

Publicity Officer - Brian Jones



President - Leonid Sandler
Vice-President - Darryl Johansen
Treasurer - Trevor Stanning
Secretary - Kerry Stead
Executive Members - Grant Szuveges and NY Wong
Chairman - Geoff Keenan
Auditor - Bob Bergmanis



President - Mark Stokes

Vice President - John Surridge 

Secretary - Patrick Byrom  

Treasurer - Jim Rogers 

Membership Secretary - Gail Young 

Ratings Officer - Patrick Byrom

Tournament Officer - vacant

Junior Chess Coordinator - Michael Corner 

Regional Liaison Officer - Allan Menham   

Webmaster - Patrick Byrom 

Interschool Director - Andrew Fitzpatrick



Chess in the news


Following the World Youth Championships (see below) chess got more than its normal share of publicity with the Sydney Morning Herald reporting that the Willathgamuwa brothers had been told to leave exclusive Sydney Grammar at the end of the year.


While most schools celebrate achievements of their students in all walks of life, Grammar was unimpressed by the result as they had refused the boys, aged 8 and 9, leave to attend the Championships. Unsurprisingly other schools were keen to offer them places. The school also did not select the boys for the Australian School Teams final, with predictable consequences.


See link and link for two stories, or consult search engines for other reports in Australia and internationally.

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AusJCL Calendar (National and International)


See or the AusJCL page for calendars, selection details, etc. Note that events are often changed so it is advisable to check frequently for updates.



2011 Australian Schools Teams Championships


The 2011 Australian Schools Teams Championships were conducted by the NSW Junior Chess League at Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga, on 3-4 December. Winners were (scores out of 20 except Primary Girls out of 24):


Secondary Open: Scotch College (Vic) 17, Brisbane Grammar (Qld) 12, Knox Grammar (NSW) and Sydney Boys High (NSW) 10.5.


Secondary Girls: Somerville House (Qld) 19, Alfred Deakin High (ACT) 14, MacRobertson Girls' High (Vic) 10. 


Primary Open: Deepdene Primary (Vic) 20, Magill Primary (SA) 12.5, King's Christian College (Qld) 9.5.  


Primary Open: Mount View Primary (Vic) 20.5, Somerset College (Qld) 11, Abbotsleigh (NSW) 10.  


See link for more details.



2011 World Youth Championships


Seven players represented Australia at this event in Caldas Novas Brazil in November with scores as follows (all from nine rounds).


U14 Open: Justin Tan 5.5 (=22nd)

U12 Open: Karl Zelesco 5 (=40th)

U10 Open: Rowan Willathgamuwa 4.5 (=53rd)

U8 Open: Kevin Willathgamuwa, 6 (=9th)

U18 Girls: Sally Yu 5 (=20th), Miranda Webb-Liddle 3 (=57th)

U16 Girls: Abbie Kanagarajah 4 (=48th)


See link for more details.



Lidums Australian Young Masters


The Lidums Australian Young Masters, sponsored by Aivars Lidums, was organised by Fedja Zulfic and conducted as a ten-player round robin in Adelaide from 7 to 12 December.


Final Standings: Yi Liu 6.5/9; Jonas Muller, Fedja Zulfic 6; Anton Smirnov, Andrew Brown 5.5; Emma Guo 5; Sam Grigg 3.5; Pengyu Chen, Alistair Cameron 2.5; Clive Ng 2.

Two associated events, the Australian Junior Mastser and Australian Girls Masters were also conducted with results as follows (some scores from the girls are not final but the winner is clear):


Junior Masters: Allen Setiabudi, Sally Yu 6.5/9; Joshua Bishop 5.5; Matt Bennett, Harry Press 4.5; Kevin Tan, Lachlan Cameron, Stuart Mason 4; Anthony Milton 3.5; Alex MacAdam 2.

Girls Masters: WFM Megan Setiabiudi 8/9; Alana Chibnall 6; Natasha Botrsova 5.5; Sophie Eustace 4.5/8; Narenthran Savithri, Abbie Kannagarjah, Janaki Narenthran 4/8; Miranda Webb-Liddle 3.5; Kashish Christian 2.5; Joanne Mason 2.


Reports were posted on figjam chess during and after the event.



2012 Australian Junior Championships


This event will be run at Spensley Street Primary School in the inner Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill between Saturday 14th January and Sunday 22nd January, organised by the Melbourne Chess Club.


See link for information and updates.


Win a $135 value prize in the tournament Facebook giveaway!!!

Players, parents & spectators eligible.

If you say you are 'attending' the
2012 Australian Junior Chess Championships of Facebook you will be eligible to win a $135 hand crafted Dungeons & Dragons Chess Set plus board from Leah's Den.

Event facebook page:

For more details of this giveaway see:

Simon Dale, event committee member.

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Recent GP weekend results


2011 Caloundra Open November 26-27, Caloundra, Qld. GM Rolan Schmaltz won with 5.5/6 from IMs Stephen Solomon and Vladimir Smirnov 5 (49 players).

2011 Christmas Open December 3-4, Perth, WA. Yita Choong won with 5.5/6 followed by Stephanus Kurniawan 5 and Ihsan Ferozkohi 4 (22 players).

2011 Mildura Open December 3-4, Mildura, Vic. Tony Davis won with 5/5 followed by Jason Hu 4.5 and Michael Krunic, Emmanuel Pante, Jamie Kenmure, William Maligan and Zoran Babic 3.5 (28 players).

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Grand Prix events


December 17-18 MCC Christmas Swiss [2], Melbourne, Vic  link


2011 GP calendar link


2012 GP calendar link



2011 Bill Powell Open (18-19 February 2012)

2012 Myer-Tan Australian Grand Prix event (Class 2)
2012 Queensland Participation Grand Prix event
Presented by Suncoast Chess Club Incorporated
Venue: Proudly held at Coolum-Peregian R.S.L, 1906 David Low Way, Coolum 4573 -
Google Maps Link
Come and enjoy our beautiful coast before the school holiday rush. Great surf beaches and great weather (can't guarantee either).
Please find entry form through link:
ENTRY FORM or off our website tournaments page link at bottom of post.
Goto our facebook page to see some of the great photos JaK took at our last event (note different venue but still on our beautiful coast).
JaK's great photos
Format Six Round Swiss
Time Control All moves in 60 minutes per player plus 10 seconds per move from move one (Fischer)
Director of Play / Arbiter Jeff Dyer.
Contact Details Jeff Dyer, PO Box 196 Buderim QLD 4556, Phone 0424 606 831
Prize pool depends on number of entries. Expected to be well over $1300.
There will be other non cash prizes before the start of some rounds. At the 2011 Caloundra Open we gave away $1535.
Suncoast Chess Club's website         Suncoast Chess Club's facebook pages


2011 Hornsby Weekender (25-26 February 2012)


Kevin Tan and I [Ed: Not sure who I is] are pleased to bring to the chess community the 1st Annual Hornsby Weekender Class 1 Myer Tan Grand Prix event, which will be held 25th-26th February at the spacious Asquith Leagues Club (5 minutes walk from Hornsby station, next to Waitara station, Sydney)
What is it? A seven round swiss tournament over two days, time control 1 hour+10secs (standard weekender time controls). The tournament will be ACF rated and will incorporate FIDE laws of chess. There may be a blitz tournament held after the main tournament has concluded.
The prize pool for this tournament will be around $1000, including division/miscellaneous prizes depending on the number of entries.
Entry fee: Adult: $50 Junior and Concession-$40 Entry and Payment deadline is 24th February, enter before 2012 for a $5 discount, please enter before 2012 so we can confirm numbers! All players must be members of the NSWCA, NSWJCL or their comparable state organisation. IMs and GMs free.
We are accepting entries now! To assist Kev and I logistically, please enter as soon as you can!
More details or search for the event on Facebook.
We are expecting some press at the event, Hornsby Advocate perhaps and of course
chesscrazytalk with full coverage!




Please notify forthcoming tournaments to

Table of Contents




Championship and major events


Gibraltar Chess Festival: 24 January 2012  link

Asian Teams Championship  May 2012, Hainan, China

Asian Seniors: 1 June 2012, Sydney, Australia

Olympiad: 27 August 2012, Istanbul, Turkey



Regional events


Queenstown Chess Classic: 15 January 2012, Queenstown, NZ [incorporates NZ and Oceania Championships]  link

Guam International: 17 February 2012, Guam  link

Solomon Islands International: tba 2012, Honiara, Solomon Islands  link

Fiji International Open: 5 May 2012, Suva, Fiji  link


(Date listed is date of commencement)



Tournament calendars


FIDE: link link




2011 World Senior Championship


This event was held in Opatija, Croatia, from 14 to 27 November. Oceania’s official representative IM Mirko Rujevic (Aus) scored 6/11 (=61st); other Australians participating were Lachlan Benson 5.5 and Slobodan Krstic 5. Australia was not represented in the women’s event.


IM Vladimir Okhotnik (Fra) won the tournament with GM Nona Gaprindashvili taking the women’s title. See link for information or link for scores.



2011 Women’s World Championship


GMs Hou Yifan (Chn), the title holder, and Humpy Koneru (Ind) contested a scheduled ten-game match from 13 to 30 November in Tirana, Albania. Hou Yifan retained her title 5.5-2.5. See link for information and updates.



2011 Guam International Chess Tournament


This event is scheduled for 17 to 23 February 2012 as a ten-player round robin including one Australian player. See link for more information.



2011 Fiji International Open Chess Championship


This event will be played from 5 to 11 May 2012 as a nine-round Swiss in Suva. See link for more information.



2011 Tal Memorial


GM Magnus Carlsen (Nor) won the 6th Tal Memorial in Moscow (16 to 25 November, ten-player round robin) with 5.5/9 on tie-break from Levon Aronian (Arm). See link for the tournament site.



2011 London Chess Classic


The 2011 London Chess Classic (3 to 12 December, nine-player round robin) was won by GM Vladimir Kramnik (Rus) with 16/8 (the soccer scoring system was used) from GM Hikaru Nakamura (USA) and GM Magnus Carlsen (Nor). GM Luke McShane was the best of the locals in fourth. See link for comprehensive coverage including results, reports, games and videos.

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The December ACF ratings were released earlier this month. The leading players (with reliable ratings) are shown in the next column.


Tristan Krstevski (Vic), up 233 to 1162, and Kris Chan (Vic), up 222 to 979, were the most improved players.


Highest players under 18 are FM Bobby Cheng (Vic) 2363 and IM James Morris (Vic) 2288. WIM Emma Guo (ACT) 2087 is the top girl.


See here for the ACF ratings page.










GM Zong-Yuan Zhao (NSW)





GM David Smerdon (ACT)





IM George Xie (NSW)





FM Max Illingworth (NSW)





GM Darryl Johansen (Vic)





Trevor Tao (SA)





IM Igor Goldenberg (Vic)





IM Vladimir Smirnov (NSW)





FM Junta Ikeda (ACT)





IM Stephen Solomon (Qld)

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2011 Mildura Open -  Tournament Report by Gary Bekker


Thank you to everybody who participated in the 2011 Mildura Open for making the event such a success! The Mildura Open was played in the centrally located Grand Hotel, featuring a swimming pool, full conference facilities, and a great selection of bars, restaurants and cafes nearby. With hot, sunny weather over the weekend, many of the players relaxed and enjoyed a swim between the rounds of the competition. 28 players took part. Around a third were from outside of Mildura, including top seeds Jason Hu(2095, Broken Hill), Emmanuel Pante (1936, Renmark), and Tony Davis (1807,Melbourne). Being the inaugural event, the organisers were delighted with the turnout, and it was great to see everybody thoroughly enjoying the weekend.


Tony Davis stormed away to win the tournament with a perfect score, ahead of top seed Jason Hu who was held to a draw in his round three game against Michael Krunic. A point behind them were Emmanuel Pante, Michael Krunic, Jamie Kenmure and William Maligin who had an excellent tournament result. Others who did very well in the tournament were Lachlan Martin and Max Phillips who both finished on 3 points.


The Swiss Perfect tournament files are attached and have been submitted to the ACF Grand Prix Co-ordinator and ACF ratings officers. Most games from the tournament have been attached as a PGN file, and a selection of the best games are reprinted below. Photos supplied by Trish Bulla and Mildura tourism. All results, performance charts, estimated rating changes and tournament games are available at


Next year’s Mildura Open is most likely to be held at the Mildura Inlander Resort around the same time of year. Many thanks to Robyn Adlington and the Sunraysia Chess Club committee, David Cordover, the Grand Hotel, the Mildura Inlander Resort, and many others who also assisted in making the tournament such a success.


Gary Bekker



Babic,Z (1655) - Pante,E (1936)  Mildura Open  (3), 03.12.2011

1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 g6 3.e4 d6 4.d4 Bg75.Nf3 0-0 6.Be2 c5 7.d5 Nbd7 8.0-0 a6 9.Bf4 Nh5 10.Be3 Nhf6 11.Qd2 Ng4 12.Bg5 h6 13.Bf4 Kh7 14.h3 Nge5 15.Nh2 g5 16.Be3 Ng6 17.Rac1 Nde5 18.b3 Qa5 19.Na4 Qc7 20.Nb2 b5 21.cxb5 axb5 22.Nd3 b4 23.Nxe5 Bxe5 24.Ng4 Bc3 25.Qc2 ½-½


Davis,T (1807) - Bekker,G (1618)  Mildura Open (3), 03.12.2011

1.Nc3 c5 2.e4 Nc6 3.f4 e6 4.Bb5 d5 5.e5 Nge7 6.Nf3 a6 7.Bxc6+ Nxc6 8.0-0 Be7 9.d3 0-0 10.Qe2 b5 11.a3 Bb7 12.Ng5 Qc7 13.Qh5 h6 14.Rf3 Nd4 15.Rg3 Nxc2 16.Nf3 Kh7 17.f5 exf5 18.Bxh6 gxh6 19.Qxf5+ Kh8 20.Qh5 Qb6 21.Rf1 d4 22.Nxd4 cxd4 23.Rf6 Qxf6 24.exf6 1-0


Kenmure,J (1422) - Davis,T (1807)  Mildura Open (4), 03.12.2011

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 exd5 4.Bd3 Nc6 5.c3 Bd6 6.Be3 Nge7 7.Nf3 Bg4 8.Nbd2 Qd7 9.Qc2 Bf5 10.0-0 f6 11.Rfe1 0-0-0 12.Re2 h5 13.Rae1 g5 14.Nxg5 Bxd3 15.Qxd3 fxg5 16.Bxg5 Rdg8 17.Nf3 Ng6 18.g3 h4 19.Bf6 Nf4 0-1


Pante,E (1936) - Hu,J (2095)  Mildura Open (4), 03.12.2011

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.Nc3Nf6 5.Nf3 g6 6.Bb5+ Nbd7 7.0-0 Bg7 8.Bg5 0-0 9.Re1 a6 10.Bd3 b5 11.a3 Nb6 12.Ne5 Bb7 13.Ng4 Qd6 14.Qf3 Rfe8 15.Nh6+ Kf8 16.Ng4 Nxg4 17.Qxg4 Nc4 18.Bxc4dxc4 19.Rad1 Rad8 20.Qh4 h5 21.Be3 Rd7 22.Ne4 Bxe4 23.Qxe4 e5 24.Bd2 Kg8 25.Bb4Qd5 26.Qxd5 Rxd5 27.f4 e4 28.c3 f5 29.Kf2 Kf7 30.Ke3 Bf6 31.a4 Ra8 32.axb5 Rxb533.Ra1 a5 34.Ra2 Rab8 35.Ba3 g5 36.g3 gxf4+ 37.gxf4 Rg8 38.Re2 Rg1 39.Bd6 Bh440.Ra4 Rf1 41.Ba3 Rf3+ 42.Kd2 Rxf4 43.Rxc4 Bg5 44.Rc7+ Ke6 45.Kc2 Rf1 46.b3 e347.c4 Rb6 48.c5 Rb8 49.Rc6+ Kd5 50.Rg6 Rf2 51.Rxg5 Rxe2+ 52.Kd3 Rf2 53.Kxe3 Rf154.Ke2 Rf4 55.Bc1 Re8+ 56.Kd3 Rf3+ 57.Kd2 Kxd4 58.c6 Rd3+ 59.Kc2 Re2+ 60.Kb1Rxb3+ 61.Ka1 Rc2 62.Rxf5 Rxc1+ 63.Ka2 Rbc3 64.Rxh5 R1c2+ 65.Kb1 Rxc6 66.Rxa5Rxh2 67.Ra3 Rg6 0-1


Davis,T (1807) - Krunic,M (1694)  Mildura Open (5), 03.12.2011

1.Nc3 d5 2.d4 Bf5 3.f3 e6 4.e4 dxe4 5.fxe4 Bg6 6.Nf3 Bb4 7.Qe2 c6 8.Bg5 Qa5 9.Bd2 Ne7 10.a3 Bxc3 11.Bxc3 Qh5 12.Qe3 Qg4 13.Bd3 0-0 14.0-0-0 Na6 15.Ne5 Qh4 16.Bd2 Nc8 17.g3 Qd8 18.h4 f6 19.Nxc6 bxc6 20.Bxa6 Nd6 21.Bb4 Re8 22.e5 Nf5 23.Qf4 Qb6 24.Bc4 Rad8 25.Bc5 Qc7 26.g4 fxe5 27.Qxe5 Qxe5 28.dxe5 Rxd1+ 29.Kxd1 Ng3 30.Rh3 Ne4 31.Bxa7 c5 32.Rf3h5 33.g5 Kh7 34.Kc1 Re7 35.Bb8 Bf5 36.a4 Bg4 37.Rd3 Rf7 38.Rd8 Nf2 39.a5 Bf340.Bxe6 Re7 41.Bg8+ Kg6 42.e6 Ne4 43.Rd7 1-0

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